Agency Model - Working with Repforce

Product Management

At Repforce, Product Managers are either agency principles or key team members. They are the primary factory contact responsible for training the salesforce, managing the sales effort on their product lines, maintaining catalogs, samples and keeping the sales team up to date on promotions, policies, etc.

Sales Coordinator

At Repforce, John Carr, the Sales Coordinator, manages the schedules of visiting factory personnel as they work with our sales team in the territory. This centralized scheduling provides the visiting sales manager a complete itinerary of calls, hotels, dinners and meeting agendas.

Pull-Through Selling

Repforce has long been commtted to multi-level selling. The agency does in excess of a 1000 jobber, retailer, and install calls annually. We believe in the value of these calls and encourage manufactures to support our effots.

High Impact Rep

Repforce sells across a broad spectrum of market channels. We also sell deep within those channels, calling on secondary and tertiary accounts. A considerable number of key power buyers are handled by multiple sales people. Office support staff further enhance the level of service we provide.

On changeovers we are proud of our ability to quickly and professionally complete those tasks. Our customers value the resulting minimal intrusion into their businessess.

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential

- Winston Churchill